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Old woodworking tools


1956 - Establishment of the Organization

Javad Saber founded the organization in Yazd province, Iran.

The initial permit for the family business that granted by the Municipal Council of Yazd.

1966 - Relocation of the workshop

The carpentry workshop was relocated from Yazd province to Tehran.

1971 - The Second Generation of the Family Joins the Business

The second generation of the family of the founders of the Torati.

Jalal and Jamal Saber, the second generation of the Saber family, joined the business.

1972 - Renovation of Marmar palace

The organization participated in the repair of wooden parts of the Marmar Palace, including its wooden girih tiles windows.

1976 - Wooden structures in Jamshidieh Park

The organization constructed wooden structures in Jamshidieh Park, such as arbours and gazebos.

1984 - Upgrading of Machinery

The organization upgraded its machines and tools with newer ones.

1997 - Fundamental Changes and Modernization

Ali Saber, the third generation of the Saber family, entered the business and fundamentally changed the organization by introducing modern methods.

2001- Expansion of the Workshop Space

The organization purchased German machinery and relocated to a larger facility.

German machinery purchased by torati founder

2003 - Revolution in Sales

Amir Saber, another third-generation member, significantly impacted sales by establishing showrooms and developing consumer relationships.

2006 - Registration of Choobinehsazan Saber Company and Construction of a New Factory

The Choobinehsazan Saber Company was officially registered with the Iran Companies Registration Office. The organization purchased CNC machines and built a factory with 1,400 square meters in Qazalhisar, Karaj.

Prior factory of Schniz in Ghezelhesar, Karaj

2008 - Launch of New Products

The organization added classic wooden kitchen cabinets with a unique style to its product line.

2010 - Brand registration

The organization registered the Schniz brand in Madrid and the Iranian Companies Registration Office.

2011 - Opening of the Mehrshahr Showroom

A strategically located 240 sqm Schniz store was opened in Mehrshahr, Karaj.

a cute baby girl on a torati kitchen cabinet

2012 - Obtaining European CE Marking

The organization improved production standards and obtained the necessary import permits for export to Europe, including the European CE certificate.

2013 - Opening of the Tehran Showroom

A permanent showroom was opened in Tehran to allow customers to check out and experience the quality of the products before ordering.

2014 - Changes in Marketing Strategies

Branding and advertising underwent changes due to the entry of the third generation of the Saber family, Saeed Saber.

2014 - Construction of a new factory

Factory of Torati kitchens and cabinets in Iran (Schniz)

A new factory with an area of 10,000 square meters was constructed in Mahdasht, Karaj.

2015 - Introduction of robots in production

The organization purchased a full German production line and a 5-axis CNC machine.

2016 - Software Changes

Changes were made to production software and office automation.

2016 - Brand registration in Switzerland


The brand was registered in Switzerland on a global scale.

2017 - Expansion of the Production Area

The organization built a new industrial shed to expand its production area.

2021 - Opening of a New Showroom

schniz showroom in kardell design center

The second Tehran showroom was opened at the Kardell design center.

2022 - Globalization of the Business

The organization expanded globally by opening a new entity, Torati, in Vancouver, Canada.

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