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Torati piano-style kitchen cabinet with no handles

Reflection of Beauty
and Strength

Torati Kitchen Cabinets and Closet

 Torati Cabinet Company was founded in Canada, Vancouver, to introduce this family-owned business that manufactures cabinets and wardrobes to the North American market.

Since 1956, generations of the family have run this business. Today, backed by high experience, technical knowledge and a team of experts, the company continues to grow and discover new markets. The Torati trademark was registered in Switzerland in 2011.

At Torati, we believe cabinets and closets should make people's lives easier. Therefore, understanding customers' needs and designing based on user ergonomics are critical parts of our design process. In a world where people want unique products made just for them, Torati in the design department, by arranging design meetings with customers and asking them to fill out specific forms, strives to discover their personal needs. In the end, our experts help the customer choose the most appropriate solution after informing them of both the advantages and disadvantages of the demands. As a company, we believe that good design should be accessible to everyone and that quality should not be a luxury. This approach allows us to make our products accessible to the largest audience, regardless of their budget. More than a product, the intention here is to create an atmosphere, an emotional experience.


Wooden spice drawer designed by torati



Stood still within the constant movement on a Monday lunch time

our products

This is a view of the kitchen island designed by Torati cabinets

3 Steps to Create your dream Space

Free Consultation

Make an appointment and one of our experienced will work with you to plan your space and help you find out which style you like.


After measuring your space, we design your dreams in a 3D environment. You will receive a detailed layout of your order and a price on every detail as well as the total order. At the meeting, you can discuss your design and get lots of advice and guidance from our experts.

Delivery and Installation

Upon completion of your order plan, we can schedule your delivery and installation.

Sustainable forest

Only Have One

            Torati is committed to protecting the earth, our only home, and all its inhabitants.

We give back the nature what we took from it. As a continued commitment, we work day and night making high-quality kitchens and Closets from sustainably sourced material.

What People Say

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